Renusol RS 1
universal clamp

One module clamp for all module frame heights from 30 to 50mm and all functions (middle and end clamping with one clamp type; for this purpose, simply turn the clamping head by 90°). Patented. Less parts, faster installation. Available in black and silver. Click-clamp base compatible with all Renusol rails.

Advantages for you

Only one type of clamp
One middle and end clamp for all framed types of module reduces the variety of parts and facilitates the management of hardware.

Very easy to assemble
Easy to insert by a „click“ and to displace; it locks itself when tightening the screw.

Suitable for the Renusol modular system
The Renusol RS1 clamp matches to all Renusol mounting systems for all types of roof, i.e. one for all.


Easily change the function by turning the clamp head by 90°


The height of the Renusol RS1 can be adjusted and in this way it fastens PV-modules with a frame height between 30 and 50 mm.