European PV updates: a busy start to 2023! :
Most discussions around the current energy landscape circle around one thing: rising energy prices....

European PV updates: a busy start to 2023!

Most discussions around the current energy landscape circle around one thing: rising energy prices. And whilst there is no shortage of cautious optimism that the cost of gas and electricity will finally drop in 2023, there is something better to look forward to — the growth of the PV market!

Hoping to escape the volatility of non-renewable energy sources (and curb the environmental damage that comes with a reliance on them), Europe has been busy upgrading and expanding its solar capabilities — and countless PV projects have popped up as a result.

And that is not all, either…

Growing pro-solar sentiment has led to some significant government policy changes that could make it easier to implement PV infrastructure for years to come.

So, which new developments, initiatives and projects are gaining attention right now, and how do they fit into the wider European energy market?

Mapping recent solar developments

By providing a more local production site for Western Europe, the merger aims to help combat current challenges, like supply chain issues caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflicts.

Germany has also been keen to stay up to date with current market requirements, having opened the first round of 2023 tenders for large-scale solar projects with a higher €0.0737/kWh maximum tender ceiling price for ground-mounted systems. The rise seeks to provide resilience against increased component, installation and financing costs and avoid unsubscribed tenders.

Further changes to German solar operations come from the amended Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), following calls for the relaxation of restrictions on the replacement of solar modules. Instead of only replacing modules when they were faulty, damaged or stolen, repowering is now permitted for solar parks, which will help support increased solar capacity across the country.

On a wider scale, a revamping of the utility-scale PV plants installed during the ‘solar boom’ of the late 2000s could be on the cards after their inefficiency was raised at the recent Solar Quality Summit Europe.

All of this has taken place against a backdrop of falling power purchase agreement (PPA) prices and increasingly serious attitudes toward the role of solar power in combatting climate change and energy insecurity, which have shone a light on global expansion…

Increasing PV expansion 

Conversations around the annual expansion of the global PV market have been circulating for months now, as exceptional growth records bring validity to the argument that many European countries can (and should) increase their expansion goals for the year ahead.

Renusol welcomes this exciting time with open arms and looks forward to supplying expert mounting solutions to those looking to implement safe and secure PV systems to last through the difficult energy climate.

With 25 years of experience, we have a vast selection of expert mounting solutions — many of which feature a universal design for maximum installation possibilities, like the new addition to our VS+ system: the RH Flat roof hook.

This innovative product gains flexibility from its smaller, narrower dimensions, with an adjustable arm that can be set to 5 or 11 degrees and an adjustable height that can be set to 25.6 mm, 31.9 mm or 38.2 mm, alongside its optimised base plate.

Our research shows that this solution reduces the number of roof hooks needed per project by up to 41% — for simpler, easier and more cost-effective PV system installation!

Discover the new RH Flat roof hook and the cutting-edge PV mounting range it belongs to on our website today.

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