South Africa: SegenSolar sells Renusol mounting systems exclusively

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Rail-free portrait installation with mounting system MS+

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The RS1 universal clamp – an end and mid clamp in one, on the MS+ base

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Sven Künzel, Managing Director of Renusol

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Andy Pegg, Managing Director and founder of Segen

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Thomas Weile, Business Development Manager at Renusol

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Renusol offers mounting solutions for solar installations on the ground and all types of roofs

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Wholesaler SegenSolar (Pty) Ltd supplies the South African market with PV mounting systems from German brand Renusol exclusively. Via its online portal, SegenSolar offers the entire Renusol range – solutions for mounting photovoltaic installations both on the ground and on all types of roofs. SegenSolar is part of British PV wholesaler Segen Ltd.

SegenSolar chooses Renusol as exclusive partner

Sven Künzel, Renusol’s Managing Director: “Renusol and Segen have been working together very successfully for four years now. We were therefore delighted when Segen approached us with its plans to expand to South Africa, where Segen has decided to sell only Renusol mounting solutions.”

Andy Pegg, Managing Director and founder of Segen Ltd: “For the South African market, we purposefully searched for products that would be suitable for most installations. As its mounting systems are quick and easy to install and can be used with all kinds of systems, Renusol was the obvious choice.”

SegenSolar sells entire Renusol product range online

SegenSolar sells the entire Renusol system portfolio in South Africa. On the SegenSolar online portal, installers and tradesmen can compile and order complete photovoltaic installations, which are delivered within 48 hours. As all components are stored locally and delivered as complete systems, the logistics are conceivably simple for both Segen and its customers.

“Segen’s business model consisting of online shop and local warehouse is the perfect fit for Renusol’s mounting systems. Not only do our systems require little storage space in the warehouse thanks to the small number of components, but we at Renusol also take particular care to ensure that our mounting systems are easy to install. This makes them perfect for the e-commerce world, as Segen’s customers can start using our products in next to no time,” explains Thomas Weile, Business Development Manager at Renusol.

About SegenSolar (Pty) Ltd

Founded in October 2015, SegenSolar (Pty) Ltd is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company is part of Segen Ltd, the largest photovoltaic wholesaler in the United Kingdom. Segen, with sales offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa, offers installers a comprehensive range of branded products.

About Renusol

Renusol Europe GmbH is part of the PARI Group, a network of individual companies operating worldwide. Renusol Europe was acquired by the PARI Group in March 2017 and carries on the business of Renusol GmbH, which has been active on the photovoltaic market since 1997. Renusol specializes in the production and distribution of solar mounting systems for all roof types. From its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the company controls its operations in all core markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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