The MS+ system: a must-have in any installer’s portfolio :
This year, installers have a crucial role to play in bolstering the German solar market. Whilst the country added over 14 gigawatts direct current (GWdc) to its...

The MS+ system: a must-have in any installer’s portfolio 

This year, installers have a crucial role to play in bolstering the German solar market. 

Whilst the country added over 14 gigawatts direct current (GWdc) to its solar power capacity in 2023, most of this figure (around 6.5 GWdc) is owed to the installation of residential rooftop systems — with just 3.5 GWdc installed in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector.  

Plus, though Germany’s green energy transition is going very well, its PV industry remains dominated by products manufactured outside of Europe, leaving the country reliant on overseas imports. 

But you can make a world of difference by supplying businesses with high-quality, locally made solar mounting solutions, just like the MS+ system. 

What is this system, and which benefits can you enjoy when you include it in your kit? Allow us to explain below… 

A dedicated solution for metal roofs 

The MS+ system is designed to streamline the installation of solar panels on trapezoidal and sheet metal rooftops — perfect for the types of buildings involved in C&I projects, like offices and warehouses. 

To cater to an array of application requirements, this system includes the following variants. 

  • MS+. This is the standard system, which is ideal for landscape trapezoidal sheet metal installations. 
  • MS+P. Like the MS+, this variant is suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs in portrait orientations.  
  • MS+CORRUGATED. As the name suggests, this is the option to choose when working on corrugated roofs. 
  • MS+H. It is just like the standard MS+ variant, tailored to installations in warm environments. 

So, all you need to do to ensure a perfect fit is select the right variant for your project. The system is incredibly flexible!  

Whichever one you choose, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy when including the MS+ system in your portfolio — it has been engineered to make life easier for installers... 

Advantages that optimise installation and beyond 

The MS+ system can be mounted without pilot drilling. That is because it comes with self-cutting, thread-forming screws, which enable direct fastening to the roof surface — with no need for you to clean up messy metal shavings after the panels are fixed. 

Moreover, MS+ variants all feature short, non-continuous rails. In turn, they have a more compact design, which reduces transport costs, saves on storage space and streamlines construction site management. 

All MS+ variants are also ETN certified, which proves their endurance against strong winds, snow and rain. Awarded by independent inspection body Alpes Contrôles, this is a requirement for all solar projects in France and is widely respected throughout Europe — signifying durability and reliability. 

Installations finished with the MS+ system look the part, too. As our previous projects demonstrate, this system ensures solar panels fit seamlessly on top of metal roofs — producing a sleek, sophisticated final product you can be proud of.  

Interested in using the MS+ system to complete your next project? Excellent! 

We trust this series of outstanding mounting solutions will help you achieve the most impressive results on all sorts of metal roofs across Europe. 

Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts if you would like help including the MS+ system (or any other Renusol product) in your portfolio — we are always happy to help. 

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