Streamline project planning with the PV-Configurator 3.0 :
At Renusol, we know that achieving a first-class mounting project is not just about the parts you use to secure system components to the rooftop.

Streamline project planning with the PV-Configurator 3.0

At Renusol, we know that achieving a first-class mounting project is not just about the parts you use to secure system components to the rooftop.

Of course, the quality of things like hanger bolts and roof hooks is imperative to the sturdiness of the final product, and we pride ourselves on boasting a portfolio full of robust and reliable solutions. Still, a huge part of how streamlined your workflow is and, in turn, how satisfied your customers are, is determined well before you arrive onsite — at the planning stage!

That is because it is at this point that you draw up the appropriate assembly documents and anticipate site requirements — and one wrong move (or calculation) could throw the entire installation off course, causing mistakes and delays.

As such, to ensure all installers who use Renusol products get everything right the first time, we developed the PV-Configurator 3.0.

An unbeatable design tool

The PV-Configurator 3.0 is an online planning system that allows you to work out everything you need to get started with a PV mounting project, including the structural calculations with documentation of parameters and a parts list, in just a few clicks.

Because the tool uses targeted dimensioning to suggest the most appropriate solutions, based on our independent testing in wind tunnels and implementation of the Eurocode safety concept, each and every design made with the PV-Configurator is accurate and trustworthy including precise statics reports.

Thus, not only do you save time by having the tool calculate your essential planning steps for you, but you also avoid wasting any time choosing incompatible solutions. And that is not all! The tool only recommends the precise components you need to complete the installation — no more, no less. So, you save money by building the most cost-effective toolkit.

The features included in the PV-Configurator have evolved throughout the years. For example, following its development in 2019, we added a module database with more than 110,000 different panels to the tool, meaning users no longer needed to manually input module information. We also included the option to calculate the number of third-party fixings based on local wind and snow conditions for a more accurate design.

But we are continuously improving our services to enhance our offering, and many more features have been integrated with the PV-Configurator since these additions...

The latest updates

To give installers the opportunity to plan more than just mounting solutions, we recently cross-linked the PV-Configurator with a similar tool from Germany’s largest solar inverter manufacturer, SMA Solar Technology AG.

SMA’s Sunny Design tool can be used to design a complete PV system with or without energy storage, promising users the same benefits as our own service — improved efficiency, accuracy and cost-savings. Now it has been combined with our own tool, users can integrate Renusol and SMA products into their plans — ensuring the best possible results.

Another equally exciting feature was added to the PV-Configurator recently: the Croatian language. This addition brings the total number of languages the tool is available in up to 11, allowing us to cater to installers in even more areas — especially important amid the rising demand for solar power in Eastern Europe.

Whilst these changes might seem small, they play an important role in the growth of the PV industry and the global transition away from polluting fossil fuels. By making it even easier for more installers to successfully tackle rooftop PV projects, we are helping bring down barriers to uptake and maintain a consistently high standard, even when projects grow increasingly vast and complex.

We are extremely proud of our constantly improving design tool and look forward to adapting it further in the years to come. After all, we have already spent more than 25 years in the solar industry demonstrating our commitment to quality and innovation; here is to another half a century!

Discover the PV-Configurator 3.0 today to optimise your upcoming PV mounting projects.

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