Renusol VS+ receives ETN certification for France:
Renusol’s acclaimed VS+ system for on-roof mounting has been accredited with its ETN certification.

Renusol’s acclaimed VS+ system for on-roof mounting has been accredited with its ETN certification.

A broad selection of components from the VS+ product range are now fully compliant and certified for solar projects of all shapes and sizes in France.

Renusol VS+

Renusol launched its VS+ system in 2006. Since then, hundreds of thousands of installations have been carried out using these products successfully, demonstrating this mounting system’s durability.

Our VS+ is a modular system suitable for nearly all roof types in Europe, offering a broad variety of roof hooks plus two mounting rails for medium and high loads. The VS+ also includes clamps that are adjustable for different frame heights. Our patented RS1 clamp forms part of the VS+ and can be used for both middle and end clamping. Such a varied product offering in a single system allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability to many different sites.

We are pleased to say the certification also covers our new P-CLIP for module grounding.

Receipt of the ETN for this solution means investors, insurers and end-users can have total confidence in the VS+.

What is the ETN certification?

The ETN certificate is specific to the French market. The process for obtaining an “equivalent” qualification differs between countries and even then, not every certification upholds or reflects the same standards.

As Renusol is active in so many markets, we have covered all the different processes and undergone various certification processes for each country in which we operate.

Renusol has entrusted independent body Alpes Contrôles testing institute for obtaining an ETN for the VS+.

Part of the scope of the certification is to prepare a technical document, wherein every technical functionality of the system is detailed. This comprehensive description includes:

  • Static values
  • Ensuring production process quality
  • Proof that thorough testing has occurred with all components (testing against wind loads, snow loads and combined loads)

Every component of the unique VarioSole+ system has been tested in situ and reviewed for safety and quality. This means our customers can guarantee the kit is watertight, durable and reliable when installed.

Insurance companies in France have become more stringent on the requirements of the companies they insure. The ETN certification is no longer considered a bonus but is an absolute necessity for any solar mounting manufacturer operating in France. As such, Renusol is delighted to offer this enhanced level of security to anyone that chooses our VS+ mounting solution.

Why should you choose Renusol?

Our ethos centres around providing a simple, solid service. The ETN certificate can be attributed to the ‘solid’ aspect of our solutions as it is a recognition of the VS+’ robust, durable and safe design.

Looking forward, Renusol will be continuing its work in the French market to obtain certifications for all ranges. At present, our products are certified and recognised by industry bodies in multiple markets all around the world.

What’s more, we now offer our unique PV-Configurator 3.0 tool in 11 languages with the recent addition of Swedish. In just a few clicks, the PV-Configurator provides a complete project report including an assembly plan, accurate structural calculations, documentation of parameters and a parts list with pricing for your solar installation. This free software helps reduce costs, minimise planning time and enhance safety.

If you require any assistance using the PV-Configurator 3.0, Renusol’s YouTube channel features several guidance videos in many different languages so that you can use the tool with confidence.

If you would like to discuss your next PV project with one of the Renusol experts or have any queries about solar mounting, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Renusol Europe GmbH specialises in the manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for roof-integrated, rooftop and flat-roof installations. Since 2017, the Pari Group acquired the company and has continued the business of Renusol GmbH, which has been active on the solar market since 1997. Renusol Europe conducts its business in all the core markets of Europe as well as those in the Middle East and Africa from its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. True to the corporate philosophy simple, solid, service, Renusol is committed to simple, secure solutions and comprehensive services.

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