Renusol MS+ receives ETN certification!
Earlier this year, Renusol received the ETN certification for our VS+ range, offering greater assurance to our customers and investors of the reliability of this product range.

Renusol MS+ receives ETN certification!

Earlier this year, Renusol received the ETN certification for our VS+ range, offering greater assurance to our customers and investors of the reliability of this product range.

However, the team has not been idle and comes with more fantastic news!

An exciting announcement

Renusol has achieved the ETN certification for its MS+, MS+P and MS+H product ranges for all solar projects based in France. This exceptional mounting system is used to fix PV modules onto trapezoidal metal roof sheets.

Previously, Renusol had the ETN certification for the MS+ range only, excluding the other product groups. Now, our customers can benefit from a comprehensive accreditation to give them greater security and peace of mind — particularly with the background of insurers in France that require this certification to insure PV projects.

To obtain this accreditation, we worked with the renowned certification institute Sud-Est Prevention, which we achieved in collaboration with specific modules from global manufacturers including AEG, Bourgeois Global, DMEGC, Hyundai, Longi Solar, Qcells, Sunpower and Trina Solar.

This all-new certification is valid until August 2024.

Renusol MS+

The Renusol MS+ system is arguably our most well-known and most popular product range.

The MS+ comes with short rails as standard and is suitable for landscape systems. Its portrait counterpart is the MS+P: an identical system that allows the user to fix the panels to the roof in portrait orientation.

We also offer the MS+CORRUGATED which, as the name suggests, is designed for corrugated metal roofs rather than trapezoidal.

Our MS+H is very similar to the standard MS+ but instead comes with higher rails. The extra height on the rails creates more space between the panels and the roof, allowing for additional airflow around the panels and, thereby, better cooling and higher efficiencies. The MS+H was designed to ensure high efficiencies in hotter climates.

With its new ETN certification, the MS+H is particularly suitable for installations in the south of France where temperatures get incredibly high during the summer months.

We designed each of our MS+ systems to save as much material as possible. We were able to achieve this by omitting continuous rails from their design to allow for a more flexible installation. What’s more, we included self-cutting/self-tapping screws into our MS+ kits, fastening the components into the roof directly with no need to pre-drill holes. Each MS+ variant is compact and lightweight to enable lower transport costs while saving space and making it easy to assemble smoothly and quickly on-site

Simple. Solid. Service.

Renusol’s ETN certification is yet another reason why we are one of the world’s top PV mounting manufacturers. The accreditation adds to the ‘solid’ aspect of our company motto, reinforcing the reliability and steadfastness of our solar solutions.

We are proud to offer products to our customers that have been independently certified and statically designed to guarantee their safety.

Additionally, you can find all of Renusol’s renowned PV mounting products in our unique PV-Configurator 3.0. This is a free tool that allows customers to create a complete solar mounting plan for their PV project using Renusol products, providing them with a full parts list, assembly plan and structural calculations — for free.

Why should you choose Renusol as your PV mounting partner for your next solar installation? Learn more about the work we do and view our range of real-life case studies using Renusol equipment

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Renusol Europe GmbH specialises in the manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for roof-integrated, rooftop and flat-roof installations. Since 2017, the Pari Group acquired the company and has continued the business of Renusol GmbH, which has been active on the solar market since 1997. Renusol Europe conducts its business in all the core markets of Europe as well as those in the Middle East and Africa from its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. True to the corporate philosophy simple, solid, service, Renusol is committed to simple, secure solutions and comprehensive services.

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