Proven PV mounting solutions :
Having developed a world-leading portfolio over the last 25 years, Renusol has established a firm position at the forefront of the global solar market — and a reputation that is trusted around the world.

Proven PV mounting solutions

Having developed a world-leading portfolio over the last 25 years, Renusol has established a firm position at the forefront of the global solar market — and a reputation that is trusted around the world.

Our mounting solutions for the most common roof types, pitched and metal, are synonymous with safe, secure rooftop PV systems for residential and commercial applications, with each simple, durable component having been used in a long list of successful projects.

But in such a diverse and ever-changing PV landscape, most installers work on a variety of PV systems, including those on flat roofs, in roofs and in open space. And we want our customers to have just as much confidence in their ability to complete these applications.

As such, we are continuing our deep dive into the projects that evidence the capabilities of our mounting systems for less-common system types — demonstrating that you can trust us with all your installation needs...

Flat roofs

Without the natural inclination angle that comes with pitched roofs, flat roofs, a popular, cost-effective choice for large businesses, can prove challenging when it comes to securing PV systems. That is because installers must find mounting components capable of achieving the best possible panel elevation without compromising on safety or lasting power.

The Renusol FS system is a perfect solution for this challenge, having been designed to simplify flat-roof mounting. This system comprises a compact rail system with fewer parts, ensuring quick and easy installation, and is secured with plug bolts and optimised ballast or roof fasteners, eradicating the need for screws. It also features optimised statistics, including aerodynamic optimisation, providing the most effective performance.

Numerous variants of the FS system are available, including the East-West, South 10 degrees and South 18 degrees variants — all designed to ensure the appropriate panel installation for different locations. There are also variants for high snow loads and trapezoidal sheet metal surfaces, as well as a long version for further-apart modules. Plus, the FS can be selected with a roof connector or without a streamliner.

These features proved valuable during the Jaha Solar project, in which a PV system was secured on an expansive flat roof surface. Despite so many panels being required to complete the project, the FS system ensured each one could be fixed fast, without complications and to an extremely high standard.


Unlike traditional rooftop PV systems, which are mounted to the existing roof surface, like the slates or tiles, in-roof systems become a part of the roof — integrating with the rooftop. As you can imagine, these types of projects, which are a popular way of achieving a sleek design on new-build properties, require installers to rethink installation, as they are unable to use typical mounting components.

Thankfully, the Renusol ISSE system has the answers. Replacing the roof covering with an aesthetically pleasing design, this system features a water-draining layer built with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plates, which offer high resistance against environmental stressors and keep the system intact when it rains.

Thanks to its highly flexible rail system, the ISSE system can be installed in an upright and crosswise position, enabling installers to curate the right design for their specific installation surface. And, as with any Renusol system, it is easy to install — saving you valuable time onsite.

You can see the effectiveness of the ISSE within the Kaufmann reference project, which benefits leverages the system’s ability to be seamlessly integrated with roof surfaces to provide reliable solar power to the property without interfering with its outward appearance.

Open space

Although rooftop PV systems are the preferred option for many home and business owners with limited space, many clients like to make use of available land and install solar power infrastructure on the ground using open-space systems. As with in-roof projects, these installations do not need mounting to roof surfaces — instead requiring ballasts and screws.

For these projects, we offer the CS+ Ground Mount system. Again utilising HDPE in its design, this system provides robust fastening of solar modules with a width of up to 1140 mm. The weight of the panels is evenly distributed with the fastest possible installation, as no soil penetration is required.

As with any Renusol mounting system, installers can also calculate variables such as the required ballast in the PV-Configurator 3.0. So, there is no need to worry about whether your system will be accurate or not. Leave it to the design tool!

The CS+ system excelled when used in our Ludwigshafen open-space project, in which rows upon rows of PV panels were installed in a vast area in the German city. Thanks to the system’s simple ballast-based installation, the panels are firmly secured on the ground — with a robust finish that speaks volumes about the quality of our mounting solutions.

 Learn more about our proven projects on our References page today. There, you will also sites featuring our mounting systems for pitched and metal roofs.

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