Go aesthetic with in-roof solar mounting
Solar panels are a common sight on buildings all over the world.

Solar panels are a common sight on buildings all over the world. However, one of the primary drawbacks of having a solar installation on your site — particularly at home — is that they can be an unsightly eyesore.

However, PV equipment is constantly in flux with technology changing so rapidly, meaning manufacturers can design solutions that look better than ever without compromising performance.

A seamless solar structure

Solar power is no longer a foreign or unreachable concept, and globally, individuals and businesses are familiar with the myriad benefits of solar energy. A solar installation reduces electricity bills and is far kinder to the environment than conventional energy sources, such as fossil fuels.

As such, innovators and technicians are constantly looking for new ways to keep solar products up to date with current trends and technologies.

One of the ways designers are doing so is with building-integrated PV (BIPV). BIPV involves the seamless blend of solar panels into a building’s architecture — whether on the roof or façade of the building. Unlike traditional solar panels, BIPV is a more aesthetic option that does not detract from a building’s design.

The primary purpose of BIPV systems is twofold. Firstly, the solar panels act as the outer layer of a building’s structure. And secondly, this outer layer generates clean electricity to power the building itself!

Other benefits of a BIPV include increasing the efficiency of a building, providing thermal and sound insulation and reducing pollution. While this kind of installation may appear like a costly exercise, it is more cost-effective to install a BIPV system due to the reduced number of materials required overall, eliminating any costs and design issues associated with separate mounting systems.

A testament from the renewables market leader

As a pioneer of futuristic technologies, Tesla is soon set to release its ‘Solar Roof’: fully integrated solar technology with a seamless look that has been designed for homeowners unwilling to compromise on aesthetics.

Replacing each roof tile with a power-producing solar tile also means homeowners can effortlessly power their home with free energy from the sun, reducing monthly electricity bills and allowing the system to pay for itself.

What’s more, Tesla envisages its Solar Roof tiles will be over three times as strong as standard roofing tiles so that they will never falter on durability and are guaranteed to last.

Tesla’s new, eco-friendly offering demonstrates it is clear that integrated solar technologies are gaining traction among some of the solar world’s most prominent players.

Renusol ISSE

When fitted using in-roof installation methods, solar panels sit flush against the roof and replace sections of the roof fabric. Particularly for homeowners looking at purchasing a new home off-plan, opting for an in-roof system is advisable to further bring costs down.

In-roof mounting systems are the best way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing solar installation while offering the same fantastic benefits as an on-roof system.

The Renusol ISSE solution is an innovative in-roof mounting system comprising HDPE roof covering, anchors, rails, flashing, module clamps, searing collars and fastening materials. Customers are often concerned about having an in-roof system installed as they are worried it will compromise the watertightness of their roof — but this could not be further from the truth! Our ISSE system is completely watertight, and the full-surface plates below the module are forgiving of any roof unevenness.

While the ISSE comes with a 10-year warranty as standard, Renusol is delighted to offer an extended 20-year warranty for all systems designed using the PV-Configurator 3.0.

Why not view our variety of case studies and references using the ISSE? Or, if you are a solar installer, you can watch our helpful installation video that is easy to follow when fitting the system.

Our PV-Configurator 3.0 is a unique, free online design tool that allows you to create an accurate mounting system in minutes. Create an account to get started with Renusol today.

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