Get ready for greatness with the new FS Pro system :
At Renusol, we know that as the world’s energy landscape changes, so do the features installers need from PV products.

Get ready for greatness with the new FS Pro system

At Renusol, we know that as the world’s energy landscape changes, so do the features installers need from PV products.

As such, we have invested plenty of time and energy into ensuring our solar mounting solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations this year — and this has led to a very exciting launch: the FS Pro system.

This series of dynamic, durable and easy-to-install components marks the beginning of a new standard for flat roofs, with the ability to optimise current and future rooftop systems across Europe.

Here is an insight into the key benefits of the FS Pro system and why you need it in your kit. You will not believe how many features we have packed into this launch!

Numerous application possibilities

Nowadays, it is not just buildings in dry, sunny areas that want to reap the benefits of solar power. As sustainability becomes more important, there is a growing need for mounting solutions that can cater to an array of property types in all sorts of locations, which is exactly what the FS Pro offers.

Boasting a universal design, meaning it is suitable for use on practically any flat roof, the FS Pro system comes in a whole host of variants.

  • FS Pro 10-EW, FS Pro-S and FS Pro 18-S for different roof orientations
  • FS Pro-HL for high loads, with a third rail for high snow and wind loads
  • FS Pro-P for portrait-orientation modules
  • FS Pro-T for use on trapezoidal sheets
  • FS Pro-IFP for use with roof fasteners, rather than additional ballast

An optional side panel can also be used alongside the FS Pro 10-S and FS Pro 10-EW for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

All you need to do to ensure the perfect fit for your projects is opt for the standard FS Pro system or select an appropriate variant from the above list. It is much better than worrying about using different mounting systems for different flat roofs!

A safe, durable design

With questionable components from overseas manufacturers entering European markets and climate change causing more severe weather conditions across the globe, installers need trustworthy, robust mounting solutions more than ever — another reason the FS Pro is so valuable.

The system is robust, thoroughly engineered and tested, having passed state-of-the-art wind tunnel tests. This ensures it will not move when subject to strong gusts and gales, which are among the extreme weather conditions currently becoming more common.

Moreover, both our very own team and an independent engineering office have statistically calculated the FS Pro components for static reliability, providing you (and your customers) with greater peace of mind in their system’s ability to withstand storms.

Whilst the FS Pro’s high-quality ballast sets ensure the solar modules stay put at all times, the patented safety bolt and ridge support allow for compensation in the event of temperature-induced module expansion. So, the system stays intact even in harsh climates.

Stress-free installation

Germany has been leading the way for solar power capacity additions for some time now, and that is not due to change anytime soon. In turn, installers can count on being busy for the foreseeable future, and the FS Pro can help you keep up with project requests — being quick and easy to use.

The system features a patented one-piece locking bolt, which just needs to be turned 90 degrees to be installed. With no need for additional items, such as springs or nuts, the mounting process is fast and fuss-free. In fact, an FS Pro 10-EW system can be built with just seven part numbers!

We also fitted the eave support with a lower stop to simplify installation and speed up the time spent onsite. Thanks to this innovative feature, all you need to do to achieve flush module alignment in a matter of minutes is position the module and slide its frame to the stop.

What’s more, the system boasts a high degree of pre-assembly. This reduces the risk of errors during installation, preventing mistakes from postponing project timelines, whilst aiding in a more secure, cost-effective system that can be mounted 30% faster than non-pre-assembled alternatives.

Curious about implementing the FS Pro for flat roofs in your installation? See the system in use via our YouTube video and send any enquiries to We look forward to hearing from you!


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