Common problems with solar PV mounting:
While the products themselves are crucial to the efficiency of a solar PV system, the equipment used to mount panels to the roof and the way they are mounted are equally as important.

Common problems with solar PV mounting

While the products themselves are crucial to the efficiency of a solar PV system, the equipment used to mount panels to the roof and the way they are mounted are equally as important.

Solar modules have a design life of 25+ years, meaning they need to be secured in place for that duration. As such, it is imperative to choose mounting equipment that is designed to last and has the versatility to suit a range of roof types.

However, homeowners and business owners investing in solar often come up against several challenges, and there are certainly a few commonly found issues…

1. Water leaks

When panels are installed onto a roof, you typically cut into the roof tiles to secure the mounting equipment. And often, end-users find their solar installation has led to water leaks through the roof.

All of Renusol’s PV mounting systems are designed to ensure your roof is 100% waterproof post-installation. In fact, even our in-roof ISSE mounting solution is totally watertight thanks to the full HDPE surface plates installed for effective water drainage.

What’s more, the Renusol CS+ system requires no roof penetration whatsoever as the mounting equipment is weighed down with a ballast. However, this solution is only suitable for flat roofs or ground-mounted installations.

2. Wear from weather

As solar modules are installed outdoors, they face constant exposure to the elements. Whatever the weather, solar panels and their mounting systems need to withstand high temperatures, heavy rain or snowfall and salt mist if located close to the sea.

All of Renusol’s solar mounting systems are designed using corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel materials or durable HDPE plastic in the case of our CS+ system. These solutions are designed to be weather-resistant, ensuring panels stay securely in place for their whole lifetime.

Various roof hooks and rails in our VS+ system have been designed to withstand incredibly high loads in the event of heavy snowfall, too.

3. Insufficient sun exposure

Before a solar PV system is installed, the roof must be assessed to determine where the panels should go and to which angle they should be oriented. If the proper inspection is not carried out prior to installation, the panels might not be fitted optimally, reducing the system’s efficiency.

Most of Renusol’s PV mounting solutions are incredibly versatile and allow users to customise the angle of the panels when installed on a roof. For example, the VS+ is our most adaptable system that offers an almost unlimited number of possibilities to ensure optimal installation.

We also offer several variants of the MS+ to suit specific metal roof types — catering to whether the panels are to be installed in landscape or portrait orientation, on a corrugated roof or in a hot climate, therefore requiring more airflow for cooling.

The Renusol TS+ can be used across nearly every type of solar panel installation possible and is suitable for all systems requiring a mounting angle between 10o and 35o.

What’s more, the mounting ‘tub’ of our CS+ system has been designed to offer the optimum angle for panels mounted on flat roofs or the ground.

4. Inaccurate system design

Of course, if a PV system is misdesigned, it will not function as desired.

However, Renusol has removed all scope for human error with our unique PV-Configurator 3.0 design tool. This online software allows users to create and order a complete Renusol mounting system for each site, ensuring the design of each one is 100% accurate and completely safe.

When the tool was created, the Renusol team carried out dozens of tests to implement snow and wind-load standards from 17 countries, plus incorporating expert-verified structural calculations at the core of the system designer. All components are calculated reliably, and with each system design, the tool provides a detailed assembly plan, accurate structural calculations, documentation of parameters and a comprehensive parts list.

Using the PV-Configurator 3.0 to design your solar installations is ideal to guarantee that no system is inaccurate or unsafe.

At Renusol, our ethos centres around three core pillars: SIMPLE. SOLID. SERVICE. We can offer the products and expertise you need for a world-class solar installation. Get in touch today to find out more.  

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