A refresh at Renusol: what’s new?
Here at Renusol, we are passionate about innovating progressive PV mounting solutions for our customers.

Here at Renusol, we are passionate about innovating progressive PV mounting solutions for our customers. Each new component to join the Renusol portfolio has been subject to rigorous testing to guarantee it is robust and reliable for all solar projects.

Read about our latest product releases and our new team member below.

Our strongest roof hook to date

We recently released a new roof hook for high wind and snow loads. This product offers a variety of benefits compared to our previous aluminium roof hook.

Firstly, the arm of the hook is slightly longer. This enhancement was made so longer tiles can be covered by the hook, giving it more versatility across different applications. What’s more, we have altered the hole pattern to suit 8mm screws. Consequently, it is now possible to use just two 8mm screws instead of three 6mm screws, speeding up and simplifying the mounting process. Currently, this solution is only applicable for rafters that are a minimum of 60mm wide, which can be found in many regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We have also increased the density of the hole pattern to allow for more flexibility in the attachment options.

However, the main feature of this hook is that it offers 10% more load capacity than any other, making it the strongest roof hook we have to offer. The product is made out of hot-dipped galvanised steel; we recommend using the hook in mild to medium corrosion environments (i.e., up to corrosion category C3 according to EN ISO 12944).

Streamlining our MS+ system

Another new product is our MS+ corrugated sheet solution. This product is for application on corrugated metal roofs.

Previously, we offered a mounting solution consisting of two parts: the corrugated adapted and the MS+.

Now, we have merged these two products to offer a single solution designed especially for corrugated roofs: the MS+ Corrugated Sheet Radius 24 (420411). As the name suggests, this component can be used on corrugated sheets with a radius of 24mm.

This new product can be attached to corrugated roofs using our high-quality metal screws, which are both self-cutting and self-sealing.

We designed this component to reduce the number of parts required. Reducing parts saves mounting time onsite and facilitates installation as it is easier to align the necessary parts. Combining two solutions into one has also allowed us to offer a price reduction of approximately 13–17%.

The Renusol team is growing

Over the years, we have widened our customer base across core European markets, meaning the Renusol team has continued to grow.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest team member: Cristian Torres. Cristian has joined us as a Key Account Manager and has 12 years’ experience as a sales expert for technical products. He is a talented linguist fluent in German, French, English and Spanish and is already proving to be an integral member of the international sales team. We are excited to welcome Cristian and wish him many years of success as part of the Renusol team.

Do you need assistance planning your next solar project? Our PV experts are here to help. Get in touch today to find out more about our service, or use the PV-Configurator 3.0 to design a complete, accurate mounting system in just a few clicks.

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Renusol Europe GmbH specialises in the manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for roof-integrated, rooftop and flat-roof installations. Since 2017, the Pari Group acquired the company and has continued the business of Renusol GmbH, which has been active on the solar market since 1997. Renusol Europe conducts its business in all the core markets of Europe as well as those in the Middle East and Africa from its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. True to the corporate philosophy simple, solid, service, Renusol is committed to simple, secure solutions and comprehensive services.

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