A hopeful future for solar
The South African population has been anxious about the energy crisis for some time now, and for good reason. However, with more positive news about the development of renewable energy solutions emerging as the country...

A hopeful future for solar 

The South African population has been anxious about the energy crisis for some time now, and for good reason. However, with more positive news about the development of renewable energy solutions emerging as the country makes greater progress towards its energy goals, could 2022 be the year we can put our concerns to rest?

The growing European PV landscape

Nations and organisations across the globe have pledged to support renewable energy initiatives amid the increasingly prevalent effects of climate change, and proof of this is evident in the rapid developments in both solar capabilities and energy technologies.

An innovative open-resource tool

The recent development of an open-source tool that identifies areas of potential for the production of renewable energy, for instance, will be instrumental to the effective development of solar plants in Europe — allowing developers to build solar plants where they can thrive as well as where they are needed.

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands and ETH Zürich in Switzerland are behind this innovative technology, which displays data about power flow, as well as heat and hydrogen, in different sectors and regions across 35 countries whilst allowing users to filter results based on their preferences.

By facilitating the precise identification of areas that would benefit most from the installation of renewable energy resources, this tool could help streamline the route toward a green future — also fuelled by Europe’s green energy goals.

Ambitious green energy goals

Exciting developments like the above go hand-in-hand with formal plans for change, reflected in the increasingly ambitious plans for reliance on renewable energy issued by major European organisations.

Further developments have arisen from the tense geopolitical climate, as solar presents an ideal solution to the struggle to maintain the European reliance on Russian gas exports. The use of solar PV in hospitals and homes in Ukraine has shone a light on the power of renewable energy, and the European Union has increased its solar capacity goals drastically since the initial EU plan in 2021.

The European Commission has also proposed a target of achieving at least 45% reliance on renewable energy by 2030, whilst many MEPs believe even more ambitious targets are needed, and proposed a Skills Partnership for onshore energy — aiming to help meet the demands for skilled workers across the renewable energy sector.

With the previously published EU Solar Rooftop Initiative, making it mandatory for solar panels to be installed on all new public and commercial buildings by 2027 and residential buildings by 2029, these initiatives are sure to propel Europe towards a greener future.

However, the journey towards green energy is a long one. Home and business owners can reap the benefits of solar power by investing in high-quality PV products now.

Renusol’s cutting-edge PV products

The experts at SegenSolar recommend Renusol’s PV products for residential and commercial installations, with expert solutions that suit every roof type.

Whilst the MetaSole+ mounting system is designed for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs, with the MS+P for portrait installation, the MS+CORRUGATED for corrugated sheet metal roofs and the MS+ for use in hot climates, the FS and ConSole+ are ideal for flat roofs.

Renusol’s universal roof hooks, the RH1 and RS1, are highly flexible and extremely strong, meaning fewer hooks are required for each installation and product costs are kept at a minimum.

All Renusol mounting applications benefit from innovative features such as compact design for simpler, more affordable transportation and aerodynamic optimisation for maximum product efficiency  —  ensuring a safe, secure and efficient system at all times.

Such inventive solutions are consistent with Renusol’s commitment to ‘Simple, Solid, Service.’ Boasting a wide range of smart products that combine intelligent technology with simple design, numerous certifications to guarantee the durability of its products and exceptional customer service, every aspect of Renusol’s offering is informed by its 25 years of experience in the industry.

Want to know more about Renusol’s commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service? Read about our previous projects and stay up to date with future announcements on our News page.

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Renusol Europe GmbH specialises in the manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for roof-integrated, rooftop and flat-roof installations. Since 2017, the Pari Group acquired the company and has continued the business of Renusol GmbH, which has been active on the solar market since 1997. Renusol Europe conducts its business in all the core markets of Europe as well as those in the Middle East and Africa from its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. True to the corporate philosophy simple, solid, service, Renusol is committed to simple, secure solutions and comprehensive services.

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