Highly functional mounting systems for PV Modules

Fields of applications of our solar mounting systems

Our mounting systems for photovoltaic systems provide solutions for a vast amount of applications and roof coverings.
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Pitched roof
Mounting systems for tile roofs, fibre cement, etc.
Metal roof
Mounting systems for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet roofs
Flat roof
Ballasted and permanently connected elevated systems for flat roofs of all kinds
Roof-integrated system for modules of all kinds
Open space
Not penetrating erecting system

Why PV mounting systems made by Renusol?

For almost a quarter of century Renusol has been available for you as competent contact partner for PV mounting systems. In the course of this, for the implementation of your PV projects, we are always offering you solutions that are far easier in the application than those of our competitors. With this, our long-term experience makes the difference: For instance, we are providing module clamps that can be used for module frame thicknesses of 30-50 mm for all diverse modules and with this, they enormously facilitate your everyday work as an installer. Furthermore, we accomplished to combine the middle and end clamp for PV mounting systems in only one product - certainly patented and unique at the market. With Renusol, you have to hold in stock clearly fewer working appliances than with a comparable system. This saves space, money and time that you can reserve for more important things.

Easy – simplified assembly of modules

Especially the short rail systems MS+ serve as an outstanding example for our expertise in the field of the PV mounting systems: At the time, when it was introduced by Renusol, complicated, folded metal sheet sections were produced for the assembly of PV modules to fasten them on the trapezoidal metal sheet profiles. Generally, they were customised. Effort and delivery times bear no relation to the convincing Renusol solution MetaSole (MS+). This facilitates the installation of modules for you drastically: Simply place the short rail, screw it on and done! The Renusol CS+ (ConSole) system is similar: With only two main components, the trough and the U-sections, the module can be mounted on a flat roof or also used for applications in the open space. No other competitor manages this in this way.

Solid – optimised durability

Certainly, the PV mounting systems made by Renusol are not only simple in application and assembly, but they are also exceptionally solid: Our PV mounting systems are always extensively certified, statically dimensioned, very stable and of long durability. This means: With the Renusol PV mounting systems, you are on the safe side – with a proven durability of 25 years.

Service– comprehensive advice

For many years, our customers appreciate the first-class technical advice provided by our technical engineers and the fast delivery by shipping – usually within 72 hours within Europe. Moreover, you get access to our comfortable and transparent online-tools that help you with the planning of your next PV project. In short: We, at Renusol, do everything to facilitate your life.

Your benefits with the Renusol PV mounting systems

  • Fast available PV mounting systems
  • Shipment usually within 72 hours within Europe
  • Packaged in a clean, safe and space-saving way
  • Sophisticated PV mounting systems for smooth assembly of PV modules
  • Intuitive, easy and fast assembly without unnecessary installations
  • Simplified project planning with PV Configurator 3.0
  • Safety through comprehensive certifications and calculations in accordance with the state-of-the-art

How does the Online Configurator help me with the assembly of the PV modules?

From the beginning, we at Renusol consequently play one card: We are offering you not only the best hardware for the assembly of PV modules – we also support you with the implementation of your project. Because, if you are successful, we also did our job well. And this reaches far beyond the personal service: With the Renusol PV Configurator 3.0, you plan your next PV mounting system using an unbeatable tool. By only a few clicks in the Configurator, you will get to a complete project report - including the assembly plan as well as the structural calculations with documentation of parameters and a parts list. Very easy. Completely at no cost. For a perfect and reliable assembly of PV modules, using the PV Configurator 3.0, we also prove the structural analysis of your system: Where other manufacturers only create parts lists and nebulous static calculations, Renusol is offering reliability and transparency. Operation is easy, an experienced user can create a project within 90 seconds. To achieve this, we consequently simplified everything – also the automatic import of wind and snow loads. With this, operation becomes fool-proof and super-fast. Additionally, you have access to a data base with more than 100000 solar modules. The next step in the assembly of PV modules with Renusol: An interface to a renowned manufacturer of inverters which enormously facilitates electrical planning. Therefore, it pays off to rely on the photovoltaic mounting systems made by Renusol!

For more than 20 years more than 3 GWp solar systems with Renusol mounting systems in 48 countries

In this way, 1.4 million tons of CO2 per year are saved

3 gigawatts correspond to the output of 2 atomic power plants

3 Gigawatt entsprechen der Leistung von 2 Atomkraftwerken


Our products are certified in accordance with numerous international standards